A Look at On-Farm Diversity

  Diversity, as it applies to agriculture, can mean a number of things. Is diversity growing more than one primary crop, or is it growing many varieties of one type of crop? Maybe it refers to growing produce and raising livestock, using a diverse mix for a cover crop, or enhancing your crop rotations and adding biodiversity to your soils.
  Perhaps it's not about what you grow, but rather how you sell your products. Adding retail markets, pick-your-own options and agritourism attractions, as well as selling wholesale, can diversify a farm enterprise. If you make some of ... (Read More...)

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9/19/2014 - Growers Donate Fruit to Families Going Hungry in Drought

Despite suffering drought-related hardships of their own, a coalition of Central Valley growers and businesses has donated more than $100,000 in produce to food banks assisting families affected by the drought. The group is called California Water ...More

9/18/2014 - UF/IFAS Researchers Could Improve How Companies Ship Fresh Produce

A University of Florida-led research team's development of a tracking system could change the way companies ship fresh fruits and vegetables, letting them know which produce is closest to expiration and providing consumers the freshest products available. ...More

9/17/2014 - Demand for Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture Drives Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience is optimistic about the development perspectives of the agricultural markets and commits to invest significantly to deliver new solutions for sustainable agriculture. "We are convinced of the long-term growth potential of the agricultural ...More

9/17/2014 - California Department of Pesticide Regulation Report

Stop worrying about the miniscule amounts, if any, of pesticide residue on produce and focus instead on eating more healthy fruits and vegetables. That's the message behind a new study released by state regulators charged with ensuring the public is ...More
Hydropriming - A look at the effects of temperature and soaking condition - As a commercial grower, you're always looking ...

9/17/2014 - Hydropriming

A look at the effects of temperature and soaking condition
Mindy S. McIntosh-Shetter
As a commercial grower, you're always looking for a way to increase germination rates and improve seed performance. While it may seem to be a simple task, every grower knows it's not. Sometimes, regardless of what you do, Mother Nature will not cooperate. ...More

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