Growing Magazine - December, 2013


Product Focus: Orchard Equipment & Supplies

A1 Mist Sprayers Resources

Offers mist/air-blast sprayers for foliar fertilizer, fungicide, insect control and herbicide applications for the fruit and vegetable industry., 877-924-2474


The Pecan Harvester picks up pecans of all sizes. It allows operators to easily harvest pecans from the ground without bending over or getting on their knees., 800-940-2688

Brewt Power Systems

Offers Campagnola pneumatic and electronic pruning shears, loppers and chain saws. The model Star 50 is the most powerful shear in the Campagnola line., 800-255-9180

C.S.I. Chemical

Nutri-Cal liquid calcium improves firmness and storage quality, prevents calcium-related disorders, and is easy to use, noncorrosive and nonphytotoxic., 800-247-2480


The high-performance forged orchard loppers series features the Dual Arc bypass blade design that increases cutting power and performance., 800-847-7863


The PPT-265H Power Pruner features an ergonomic trimmer-style handle, 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex engine, i-30 technology and 146-inch shaft when extended., 800-432-ECHO

Fanno Saw Works

The #RF-05 extended-reach, lance-tooth handsaw allows users to do the majority of their pruning from the ground. It has a 30-inch laminated hardwood handle., 530-895-1762

Globe Bag Co.

Offers farm market packaging, pick-your-own supplies and growers' wholesale packaging. Custom prints are available on small orders., 800-892-2004

Green Hoe Co.

BioWash fertilizer booster helps increase plant productivity and yield, reduces insect damage through increased Brix and offers added freeze protection., 239-465-1890

Green Safe Solutions

The brush rake attachment for the Green Hoe can be used for removing trimmings out from under trellises., 716-792-9433

Growers Supply

Aero Soft Grow Containers aerate the soil to prevent plant damage, allowing plants to grow a healthy root system. Ideal for commercial tree growers and orchards., 800-476-9715


The Big Mouth Pruner has a 1.75-inch hook opening. Raised hook edge reduces blade drag. Enhanced spring offers consistent blade retraction for smoother cutting., 803-222-6400


Rozol paraffinized pellets are ideal for wet conditions. Use after fall harvest and before spring growth to control voles. Perfect for use during snow melt-offs., 888-331-7900

Nevill Supply

Fence posts are kiln-dried before pressure treatment and range from 7 to 22 feet in length. Provides wire products for fencing and trellising.


North Country Organics

Pro-Gro 5-3-4 general-purpose fertilizer is a high-nutrient blend of natural ingredients that plants and trees respond to with rapid and sustained growth., 802-222-4277

Orchard Valley Supply

The Cobra electronic shear is powered by a light lithium battery and carried in a backpack. It offers four cutting modes and cutting capacity of 35 millimeters., 888-755-0098


Wind machines work with nature to pull warmer air down into the orchard to raise temperatures and save crops. Six models range from 60 to 170 hp., 509-248-8785

Packaging Corp.

Offers a full range of agricultural packaging products, including apple and peach boxes and interiors, roadside stand boxes, bags, waxed and dry boxes, and more., 800-456-4725

Peach Ridge

Provides picking bags/buckets, replacement straps, ladders, sizers, saws, pruners, grafting supplies, tree guards, harvest supplies, tree ties and trellis supplies., 800-452-6748

Phil Brown Welding

The hydraulic work platform features two work stations that operate up/down and in/out independently. Fully collapsed, the unit is 68 inches wide., 616-784-3046

Provide Agro

The Orsi group labor platform offers many options, including automatic self-leveling for use on slopes and auto drive with ultrasonic sensors., 800-263-1287

Putnam Plastics

A variety of packaging solutions, including plastic containers, bin liners, cider jugs, labels, wood baskets, fruit picking containers, and paper, poly and mesh bags., 800-457-3099

Stark Bro's

Offers tools, equipment and supplies to aid in preparation, planting, maintenance, harvesting, moisture reading, pruning, reaching high branches and more., 800-325-4180

Stokes Ladders

Specializes in aluminum tripod ladders from 5 to 16 feet tall. Also offers straight citrus ladders from 10 to 22 feet tall. Wide base for stability., 800-842-7775

Strathmore Ladder Co.

Manufacturing orchard ladders of various types and sizes for over 75 years. Offers aluminum tripod and straight ladders, as well as other types., 800-393-5233

Tallman Ladders

Building aluminum tripod orchard ladders since 1954. Ladders are designed for safety, usability and longevity. Each step is braced for maximum safety., 800-354-2733

Thomas Bros. Equipment

The six-head Proptec sprayer is on a 13.5-foot frame with a 300-gallon tank. It has a 12-foot vertical folding boom, ideal for dwarf and semidwarf trees.


Weed Badger

The Weed Badger Model 4400 mounts on tractors from 18 to 30 hp and is available as a tiller, mower-only machine, or as a combination tiller/mower., 800-437-3392

Whatcom Mfg.

Mulch spreaders are designed for orchard, vineyard and blueberry growers. Narrow-width, high-capacity models accommodate mature plantings., 360-354-3094

The January issue will feature a product focus on Nut Harvesting, Processing & Sorting Equipment.