Growing Magazine - February, 2014


Product Focus: Planting, Seeding & Soil Preparation

Brookdale Fruit Farm

The Weed Mat allows water to flow through, but sunlight is blocked to prevent weed germination. Product is reusable and good for three or more years., 603-465-2240

Forestry Suppliers

The JIM-GEM KBC bar works best in rocky soil. The bar is 39 inches long. The alloy steel blade is 4 inches wide, 12 inches long and 1 inch thick at the top., 800-360-7788

I&J Mfg.

Standard-duty cultivators are equipped with poly bushings, Category 1 or 2 three-point hitch and adjustable stands. Also offers horse-drawn cultivators., 717-442-9451

Johnny's Selected Seeds

The Seedbed Roller features heavy-duty lobster trap wire and three independent cylindrical rollers. Prepare a smooth, firm seedbed for direct seeding., 877-564-6697

Kennco Mfg.

Kennco custom-builds SuperBedders for the tall beds and wide row centers required for blueberry plants, as well as specialized mulch layers., 813-645-2591

Kuhns Power Equipment

The Power Dog 209 tiller has dual rotating tines powered by a 9 hp Honda or Subaru engine. It offers a tilling width of 18 inches and depth of 8 inches., 866-505-8085

Kunz Engineering

The Till-Ease Model 543 chisel plow/field cultivator is capable of 6-inch tillage depths. Rigid shanks maintain an optimum sweep attack angle on the ground., 815-539-6954


Rozol Vole Bait Pellets are a highly palatable and weather-resistant rodenticide designed to control voles under demanding orchard conditions., 888-331-7900

Mechanical Transplanter

The model 92B bed shaper/mulch layer is capable of creating a 4-inch-high bed from 18 inches to 24 inches wide. Drip tape applicator is also available., 616-396-8738

Monarch Mfg.

Tree/vine protectors are made from milk carton material and protect plants from sunburn, rodents and herbicide spray. Also offers containers and trays., 719-539-3335

North Country Organics

Pro-Start 2-3-3 is a good choice for root crops, tomatoes, eggplants, and legume vegetables, and as a starter fertilizer for any kind of seed or transplant., 802-222-4277


Octopots unite traditional soil growing with hydroponic gardening. The design aerates submerged roots and speeds the uptake of water and nutrients., 855-628-6768

Orchard Valley Supply

Mycor grape and berry root dip inoculates bare-root plants with beneficial vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and rhizosphere bacteria prior to field planting., 704-455-4933

Rain-Flo Irrigation

The Rain-Flo Model 1600 Water Wheel Transplanter features a capacity of up to 25 trays, quick-change planting wheel setup and easy on-the-go adjustments., 717-445-3000

Renaldo Sales & Service

The RTME1100 Semiautomatic transplanter is designed for vegetable row crops being planted on plastic mulch-covered beds. One, two, three and six-row configurations., 800-424-5564

RJ Equipment

Manufactures both conventional and no-till Plug Planters. Custom frame applications. Configurations from one to 10 rows in three-point hitch or pull-type setups., 877-676-4110

Roeters Farm Equipment

The Rusty's Harvest Cart works well for transplanting, as well as for weeding and picking. Offers a variety of planters, cultivators and more., 231-834-7888

Sutton Agricultural Enterprises

The CultiClean mulcher prepares planting beds and kills weeds. It features a dual rotor system and propane burners that superheat soil to kill weed seeds., 831-422-9693

Swanson Timber Co.

Supplies wooden tree stakes for walnut, pistachio and almond trees, as well as stakes for beans, tomatoes, berries and more. Treated and untreated products., 530-868-1302

Thomas Bros. Equipment Sales

The Hoop-N-Cover lays 6-foot vented plastic row cover over preset wire hoops on flat or raised beds of young vegetable plants at a speed of 3.5 mph or more., 866-214-6135

Tortella North America

Produces a wide range of machinery, from specialized tillage equipment (including spading machines and rotary cultivators) to flail mowers and heavy-duty shredders., 636-326-1009

Unverferth Mfg.

The Rolling Harrow soil conditioner delivers a smooth, firm seedbed for optimum seed-to-soil contact. Available in red or green and in sizes from 12 feet to 63 feet., 419-532-3121

Vermont Natural Ag Products

Moo Start contains composted cow manure, peat moss and vermiculite. It is finely screened to ensure proper seed-to-soil contact for high germination rates., 800-639-4511