Growing Magazine - July, 2012


Product Focus: Sprayers & Applicators

A1 Mist Sprayers Resources

Mist/air-blast sprayers for the fruit and vegetable industry can be used for foliar fertilizer, fungicide, insect control and herbicide applications.

AGCO Corp.

The 2013 RoGator features AG-COMMAND telemetry, NORAC passive roll boom leveling system, optional Gator Trac four-wheel steering and diesel engine.

Chemical Containers

The EZE-Dose comes in 15, 35 and 60-gallon skid units with a two-pump system. The EZE-Drench is available in 15, 35 and 55-gallon skid units. Aluminum frames.


ATX Series units come in 40 and 60-gallon capacities and in three configurations: pull-type, three-point hitch and one that fits in the bed of a UTV.


The BP-4 rechargeable backpack sprayer offers a dual-fan or adjustable cone nozzle, 4-gallon tank capacity and adjustable pressure knob for spraying flexibility.


The SHR-210 features a 21.2cc engine, 17.6-fluid-ounce fuel tank, diaphragm carburetor, optional jet nozzle and 5-gallon spray tank with recirculating pump.

Fred's Water Service

Offers the Du-All series of positive-displacement pumps. Complete pumps, repair components and pumping units are available and ready to ship.


Venturi air sprayers feature the latest technology in low-volume spraying for better coverage from smaller, more uniform micron droplet sizes and less wasted product.

GK Machine

The TR6 has 12-inch wide tracks, 97 inches of ground clearance, ground pressure as low as 5.5 PSI, 173 hp Cummins engine and adjustable steering wheel control.

Greenleaf Technologies

The TADF nozzle improves coverage on vertical and angular targets. The droplet spectrum is medium-coarse below 80 PSI and medium-fine above 80 PSI.

HARDI North America

The IRIS vineyard boom is operated from the driver's seat and enables adaptation to all tractor brands. It provides the required droplet size and air conduction.


Manufactures over 24 different models of air-blast, cannon and backpack sprayers, including the air-blast tower for vineyards, blueberries, raspberries and trellised fruit.


Custom sprayer options include towed or three-point mount chassis, capacities from 200 to 2,000 gallons, painted or galvanized frame, and manual or electric controls.


Electrically actuated valves are field-tested to ensure maintenance-free performance. Waterproof actuator housings protect internal components from corrosion.

Martin's Repair Shop

The MRS is a 60-gallon trailer sprayer that can be pulled with an ATV or small tractor. It sprays a fine mist out both sides. Heads can be adjusted to any angle.


Penns Creek Welding

Specializes in one-sided, high-pressure sprayers for vegetable and berry crops, providing dependable and economical equipment.

Phil Brown Welding

The Clean Sweep spray boom for orchards has a rubber whip on the outer end to lay grass down around and between trees. It is manually adjustable for row width.

Progressive Ag

The LectroBlast wraparound vineyard sprayer is designed to maximize coverage and efficiency.

Thomas Bros.

Proptec engine-driven sprayers use up to six hydraulically powered fan atomizers. Vertical or horizontal booms available on skid, trailer or three-point hitch models.



Spot sprayers are available with 50 and 100-gallon tanks. All models feature corrosion-resistant polyethylene tanks and 50-foot hoses on manual-rewind reels.