Mastronardi Produce Harvesting First Midwest Tomatoes


        Mastronardi Produce has begun harvesting the first crop of tomatoes at their latest greenhouse in Coldwater, Michigan. Production is on schedule due to favorable weather in the area combined with the latest technology employed during the construction of the this facility.

        Ground breaking for Coldwater commenced in the spring of 2011 with the initial 27 acres completed in time for December planting. "An additional 30 acres is on the planning tables for next year with our main focus remaining on efficiency and technology." states Christopher Gill, Director of Greenhouse Operations. 

        Coldwater's unique infrastructure includes grow lights that will enable 12 months of continuous tomato production which is a first of its kind in the Midwest. The overall greenhouse design with high trellises and optimal light conditions create an internal climate which allow for the best possible growing conditions under glass. The facility has the ability to grow the highest quality greenhouse produce regardless of outside conditions.

        "We greatly considered the strategic location of Coldwater Farms, we wanted a location that would enable us to bring fresh SUNSET produce to more tables with less food miles and we are able to do this at this location for 4 neighboring States."  Commented Kevin Safrance, Chief Operating Officer. "With the continuous rise of transportation costs the decision to build our greenhouse in this location has proven ideal."

        "A huge thank you to all the hard working companies and locals who helped keep this project running on time." states Mr. Paul Mastronardi, President. "With the latest innovations we implemented at our Coldwater facility consumers can count on consistent year round delivery of quality SUNSET tomatoes.

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