Good Volumes Reported for Washington Blueberry Crop


        A week into Washington's blueberry harvest, growers are reporting good volumes for this year's crop.

        "Harvest just started for us, and it's looking good," said Steve Nugent of Wyckoff Farms in Grandview, Washington. Wyckoff's berries are grown on the eastern side of the Cascade mountains, and in that region, weather has been favorable this year, said Nugent. That's led to good quality and volume.

        "We're still on track with earlier estimates, and we expect a good crop," said Nugent. "Quality is also looking good." In addition to good quantities and sizes, prices have been strong so far, something which Nugent attributes to robust consumer demand.

        "Market prices for fresh blueberries is currently strong," he said. "Demand has just been very good, and that's led to good prices. So far, everything is looking good."

        On July 9th, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported prices for a flat of blueberries from Washington to be in the range of $18.00 and $28.90.

Source: FreshPlaza