2012 Northwest Cherry Crop Report


        The 2012 Northwest cherry industry came out of the 4th of July holiday with just over 7 million boxes of cherries shipped.

        Retail pull-through seems to be mostly favorable; reports largely depend on the size of fruit on display and any remaining California cherries on the shelves. The pictures and regional reports sent in highlight that there are major cherry retailers with dominant ads and secondary displays throughout the country. Volume will be sure and steady throughout the remainder of the season, and retailers will have their opportunity to earn the national average 14% Department Dollars Contribution that Northwest cherries bring.

        As illustrated in the charts below, there continues to be significant promotional opportunities in July and August as expected. National media campaigns surrounding National Rainier Cherry Day ( July 11th) and a bevy of consumer publications are focusing on the healthy, "Super Fruit" aspect of cherries, which bolsters the "use" factor in consumer purchasing decisions and should increase initial cherry sales. The high quality and flavor of this year's crop is certain to create repeat purchases, so maintaining attractive displays in multiple locations will be key to communicating the continued quality and availability of the crop.

        For more information please visit www.nwcherries.com