Nunhems to Celebrate 20th Birthday of Vaquero Onion Variety


        On August 29th, Nunhems, the vegetable seed business of Bayer CropScience, will hold its 29th annual Onion Showcase, one of the Treasure Valley's longest-running industry events.

        It provides an opportunity for growers from around the area, across the country - and in some cases, around the globe - to learn about new and established onion varieties and interact directly with Nunhems breeders, researchers and other staff.

        "In addition to providing a relaxed atmosphere where Nunhems crop team members and growers can chat, the Showcase more importantly gives us a forum to say 'thank you' to our customers," Kent Whittig, Nunhems Onion Crop Sales Manager NAFTA, said.

        At this year's Onion Showcase, Nunhems will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Vaquero, one of the brand's most successful long-day onion varieties. Vaquero's traits have made it a dominant player in the processing and fresh markets, and the variety is currently grown in major onion production regions around the world.

        "Vaquero has been an integral part of our global success," Whittig said.

        The Onion Showcase will be held at Story Farms in Roswell, Idaho, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, August 29th.

        "There will be a few surprises during our Vaquero celebration this year. After all, it's a birthday party," Whittig added.

        The annual event attracts growers and other industry professionals from across the Treasure Valley and Columbia Basin growing regions - and beyond. This year, more than 20 growers from Mexico and South America are also expected to attend.

Vaquero Facts:
  • Development work for Vaquero began as early as 1981, and the variety was introduced commercially in 1992.
  • Vaquero is a long day, Spanish-type onion.
  • Vaquero was the first variety whose genetic potential for single centers was much higher than what was currently available on the market when it was introduced.
  • Its traits allowed it to be sold successfully in the processing and fresh markets.
  • Over the past 20 years, Vaquero has been among the most successful onion varieties in the world, grown widely in North America, Argentina, Chile, Spain, China, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.
  • The demand for Vaquero led to the introduction of many other full-season, Spanish-type, highly single-centered varieties to fill additional maturity ranges within the Nunhems long-day onion portfolio. These include Ranchero, Granero, Arcero, Montero, Anillo and Joaquin.
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