Quickroots Organic ST to be Marketed by Incotec to Organic Market


        As part of the licensing and marketing agreement between INCOTEC and TJ Technologies, INCOTEC announces that it will be marketing a specially formulated organic version of QuickRoots to the organic market. QuickRoots is a foundational, microbial, seed inoculant developed by TJ Technologies and it has proven in field trials to increase yield. QuickRoots Organic ST is specially formulated for the organic market.

        INCOTEC's quality coatings will act as carrier for TJ Technologies' QuickRoots Organic ST. Seed application will be carried out using INCOTEC's innovative seed coating technology. This yield-improving product will be offered by INCOTEC for a wide range of vegetables and field crops worldwide.

        QuickRoots Organic ST facilitates a novel enzymatic process which releases soil nutrients from the soil profile, thereby significantly increasing seedling vigor, root volume and fine root hairs, resulting in increased yields. QuickRoots Organic ST is listed in OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) and certified with MCCO (Monterey County Certified Organics) and will provide value to the organic market.

        David A. Pickenpaugh, President and General Manager of INCOTEC North America, states: "We are delighted to work with partners such as TJ Technologies. We are always on the lookout for strategic partners who provide quality additives to enhance the steadily growing product portfolio within our newest area of technology: the Application of Actives and Additives. QuickRoots Organic ST is an excellent new addition".

        Tom Johnson, President of TJ Technologies, added: "The agreement with INCOTEC broadens the market reach of QuickRoots Organic ST, making it accessible for organic farmers on a global scale".

For more information go to www.incotec.com. For more information go to www.tjtechnologiesinc.com.