Rewarding CA Storage Technology for Fruit Growers


        SRS Frigadon has achieved a tremendous success in the supply of the Frigadon chiller systems utilising the Hycool potassium formate heat transfer fluids in conjunction the unique 'BTL' Blow Through coils during the last 6 years for the USA and UK fruit growers.

        The proof is clearly demonstrated by the rewarding results experienced by the fruit growers with the increasing demand for their supply chain of apples and pears to the leading supermarket groups.

        In co-operation with the Storage Control Systems Inc (SCS) of Michigan USA and International Controlled Atmosphere Ltd (ICA) UK SRS Frigadon has been offering total turn-key packaged gas-tight cold stores, pack houses and distribution centres which allow the growers to keep fruit and vegetables in just the right condition throughout the year. Sophisticated control systems allow them to monitor and adjust conditions to the finest temperature degree.

        Fruit growing companies such as Lake Breeze in the USA and Mansfield's Fruit Farms  (Mansfield's being the largest apple grower in the UK) have good experience with the deployment of the SRS (Secondary Refrigerant Systems) incorporated the Frigadon chillers.

        The system design utilising Hycool potassium formate heat transfer fluids (not glycol) and the large surfaced area SRS 'Blow Through' 'BTL' coils has a proven economic track record in terms of capital costs and reduced refrigeration energy usage compared with traditional cooling systems.

        Shoppers expect the apples to be crisp and fresh and to look as rosy as a well polished Braeburn apple whenever they buy them despite the fact that they might have been picked as long as 11 months previous.

        The solution to maintaining fruit in an excellent condition is the Hycool fluids which with its high volumetric efficiencies compared with other fluids will insure minimal energy consumption

        The rapid removal of product field heat which is achieved by using Hycool as the circulating heat transfer fluid is the key to the long term preservation of quality and flavour of the fruit.

        The need for on-site nitrogen is growing in many industries which in addition to creating a controlled atmosphere, nitrogen can also be used for blanketing, sparging, anti-oxidant and a variety of other applications. An airtight room is essential for proper controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables especially with the recent recommendations for ultra-low oxygen environments.

        Low energy consumption is crucial for the long term storage of fruit and this is partially achieved by the utilisation of the Frigadon 'OCD' (Off Cycle Defrost) method of defrost for storage of apples at +2ºC without the need for expensive forced defrost.

        This process allows the fluid temperature to rise, thus effectively melting the ice from within the coil with the minimal of disturbance to the pre-existing temperature and humidity balance.

        Frigadon FWC 3000(S)9 Twin Condenser Stainless Steel Chiller for Hycool Fluids

        Furthermore in the UK there are many installations operating at the lower temperatures of at -0.5ºC for the long term storage of pears which are operating on the same principle as the Frigadon 'OCD' system.

        Whilst these Secondary Refrigeration Systems operate at very narrow TD
(temperature difference) with Hycool fluid flow temperatures as high as -4ºC / 0ºC this enables the BTL coils to operate without the risks of ice build-up which is often associated with the more conventional refrigeration systems.

        Ice on coils means less efficiency and higher energy costs.

        Servicing and maintenance of Secondary Refrigerant Systems is a low cost overhead compared with DX, NH3 and CO2 due to their complexities.

        The Hycool® heat transfer fluid with its low viscosity and thermodynamic properties has an excellent environmental profile. This is measured in ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) at zero and the value of ecological impact GWP (Global Warming Potential) is also at zero.

        In recognition of the global environmental issues and the increasing demands for zero climatic impact these SRS Frigadon chillers can be supplied with the natural refrigerants R1270 / R290 hydrocarbon primary refrigerants gases.

        Hydrocarbon refrigerants give the opportunity of more efficient COP (Co-efficient of Performance) compared with the use of traditional synthetic HFC refrigerant gases.
In addition to minimising energy consumption this technique of Secondary Refrigeration System engineering using Hycool enables the fruit growers to offer their stored apples & pears to be maintained to be equally compared with the natural freshly harvested crispy natural fruit.

        These 'Controlled Atmosphere' systems together with the SRS Frigadon chillers, Hycool fluids and BTL coils are offered by such companies as AEG, Rochester New York State, SCS located in Sparta USA, Versatile Refrigeration in Vancouver, Canada and ICA located in Paddock Wood UK.

        The attached photograph features one of the larger packaged Frigadon twin condenser 540kW stainless steel chillers with built-in single or if specified dual Grundfos inverter pumps, EC extractor fans and Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors.

        This particular 6 circuit chiller has now been installed in the United States.
The UK Stratford on Avon based company SRS Frigadon Ltd with manufacturing facilities in Halmstad, Sweden is very proud to be a part of the world of technology to service the fruit growing industry and will strive to bring state-of-the-art equipment to the marketplace for the ultimate storage life of all commodities.

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