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Photo courtesy of USA Pears.See our October issue of Growing for the complete story that ties into these resources on trade exports and you.

        At the USDA's Agricultural Outlook forum this year, their economists projected horticultural crops exports to reach $38.7 billion by 2021. Fruits, vegetables and nuts account for two-thirds. Beer, wine and oils make up the remaining third.

        Over the past decade, tree nuts continued to achieve strong gains in exports, providing over 20 percent in the horticultural crops category. Produce accounts for slightly less than half of the total projected, with fresh and processed almost evenly split.

        Fruit exports exceed vegetable exports, contributing over a quarter of horticultural crops expected by 2021.
  • AgExport Link ( is sponsored by the Food Export Association of the Midwest USA, SUSTA, WUSATA and Food Export USA Northeast.
  • Registration for foreign trade regulations training is available at:
  • ( includes links to the federal government export services.
  • The services for both the Food Export Association of the Midwest and Food Export USA Northeast can be accessed at:
  • The Foreign Agricultural Service site ( accesses news reports and market development and export assistance programs. The MAP cooperators are listed as well as trade events.
  • A good deal of the International Trade Administration's resources are accessible through the site. However, its export promotion programs also appear at:
  • The "Commercial News USA" site is
  • This page on the International Trade Commission site provides information on antidumping and countervailing duty investigations:
  • The International Trade Resources Center site (<ct:>) works with Food Export USA Northeast.
  • The Northwest Pear Council details the requirements of the different maximum pesticide levels at:
  • Produce Marketing Association:
  • The Small Business Administration ( site includes an online assessment questionnaire and provides links to business information on international trade. Sales seminars are accessed through
  • Southern United States Trade Association:
  • United Fresh:
  • Many U.S. Commercial Service programs are accessible through and
  • The U.S. Trade Representative office ( negotiates directly with foreign governments to create trade agreements and resolve disputes.
  • Western Growers:
  • Western United States Agricultural Trade Association: