Lotpath Releases iPad App for Fresh Produce Inspections


Lotpath is announcing the immediate availability of Lotpath Inspector, the first iPad app created to perform inspections and capture photos of fresh produce.
Lotpath Inspector was created to work in conjunction with Lotpath Quality, Lotpath's fresh produce quality control Web app. Lotpath CEO Mike Dodson states, "After creating numerous custom software solutions for fresh produce and processed food companies to track product quality, we realized that many food companies were still using pencil and paper, or standalone spreadsheets, for recording quality data. With its large screen and integrated camera, the iPad is the perfect digital data capture device for fresh produce inspections. We're excited to work with produce companies to move them into the next generation of quality data management systems."
Lotpath created the first few versions of the software quietly working under the radar with four produce companies: HMC Farms, Wespak Sales, Mountain View Fruit Sales and Family Tree Farms. Michael Toms, director of IT at HMC Farms, states, "Lotpath Quality and Lotpath Inspector give us real-time visibility of product quality data and photos as it flows through our packing and shipping operations."
Fresh produce companies that use Famous Software for accounting and inventory will benefit from the integration and data synchronization offered by Lotpath Quality and Lotpath Inspector.
The Lotpath software adds a valuable quality control function to a company's Famous software.
Fresh produce companies who use a software package other than Famous will benefit from Lotpath's simple Web app for managing master lookup data.
For more information:
Email: info@lotpath.com
Web: www.lotpath.com