MANA KlearSky Technology Sets New Standard in Pesticide Formulations


MANA Crop Protection announced its KlearSky Technology brand, which represents advanced formulation technology that embodies a range of attributes to deliver high performance and reduced impact on the environment. KlearSky Technology sets a new standard in formulation technology by encompassing the superior efficacy of conventional active ingredients while lowering product emissions and enhancing the handler experience through such features as lower odor, fewer personal protective equipment requirements and/or reduced signal word.
MANA products currently carrying the KlearSky designation include ABBA Ultra, Paradigm and Vulcan insecticides. All of these brands comply with emissions potential standards set by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and approved by EPA, have improved handling characteristics compared to the market standard, and perform as well or better than the market standard. The marketing materials for these products will carry the KlearSky logo and description.
MANA introduces the KlearSky Technology brand as a means of indicating formulations that pest control advisers, consultants and growers can rely on for high performance, a reduced impact on the environment and less restrictive handling requirements.
"The MANA KlearSky brand is a representation of our industry commitment to provide advanced formulation technology that enhances the handler experience and reduces the impact on the environment without sacrificing performance or efficacy," said Dave Downing, product manager, MANA Crop Protection. "When people see the KlearSky logo associated with one of our products, they'll know that product will provide dependable performance while simplifying handling or application. Plus, they won't have to switch to another product when the proposed clean air standards are put in place, because KlearSky products will already comply with the regulations."
ABBA Ultra miticide/insecticide
ABBA Ultra minimizes environmental concerns by reducing impact on air quality, and it has twice the concentration of active ingredient, so applicators simply use half the rate of standard abamectin formulations. With less formulated product required per acre, there is less material to store and manage, along with less container waste. Labeled for use on tree nuts, grapes, citrus, pome fruit, cotton, strawberries and other specialty crops, ABBA Ultra delivers superior control of mites and insects with solid benefits in crop safety. It offers significant reductions in PPE restrictions, which is a plus for workers and applicators.
Vulcan insecticide
Vulcan is the first advanced chlorpyrifos products of its kind-allowing excellent speed of insect knockdown at the same high levels of control found in the market standard. The low odor of Vulcan improves handling and convenience in comparison to previous EC-based chlorpyrifos delivery platforms. Labeled for use on corn, soybeans, wheat, pome fruit, tree nuts, grapes, citrus, vegetables and other crops, Vulcan maintains its fuming action to enhance efficacy.
Paradigm insecticide
Paradigm touts an advanced formulation for fast-acting insect control at performance levels equal to conventional lambda-cyhalothrin products. It has exceptionally low odor and favorable PPE requirements, which improves worker handling, convenience and safety. Labeled for broad-spectrum insect control in corn, soybeans and other crops, Paradigm also features a "Caution" signal word, which sets the bar higher than same-in-class insecticides with more restrictive signal words.
KlearSky Technology
Pending California DPR registration, MANA Crop Protection expects to add Bumper ES fungicide and Fanfare ES insecticide to its KlearSky Technology portfolio for the 2013 season.
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