Rock Garden Wins PMA Impact Award


Rock Garden's new modified-atmosphere Go Micro! MicroGreens flexible package has been named one of six winners of this year's PMA Impact Award for Excellence in Packaging. The areas of excellence that were met for this award were marketing,  sustainability, consumer convenience, food safety, supply chain efficiency and functionality.

Rock Garden says that the package was conceived of to appeal to a new audience.

The new package features eye-catching graphics that are both bright and fresh; educational product information presented on both sides of the package; MAP (Modified Atmosphere Package) technology specially developed for microgreens; a resealable zipper that reactivates the MAP technology; tamper-evident seal with traceability code to provide food-safe and traceable product; flexible merchandising options (hanging on pegs, standing on a shelf, or displayed in the color-coordinated pack box); and 75 percent less packaging material than a traditional clamshell, thus making the package more sustainable.

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