National Mango Board Announces Mango Retailer of the Year


The National Mango Board (NMB) honored four retailers for being the "best of the best" in mango retailing and providing outstanding support and promotion for mangos. The winners were announced at the NMB's Mango Industry Reception on October 27 during PMA Fresh Summit.

Through this new program in 2012, the NMB identified four Mango Model Retailers from across the country, and selected one of these as the Mango Retailer of the Year. According to NMB Executive Director William Watson, choosing the winners was a real challenge. "The mango industry has many heroes and champions at retail. It's exciting to see how much support we get, especially compared to just a few years ago," said Watson.

2012 Mango Retailer of the Year:
Dominic Pelosi, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., Inc.

2012 Mango Model Retailers:
John Savidan and Keith Tsuchiyama, Bristol Farms
Lee Arthur, The Fresh Market
Jim Wood, Schnucks

The following criteria were used to select the Mango Model Retailers and the Mango Retailer of the Year:
  • Produce impressive mango sales and volume increases
  • Follow through on commitments to NMB programs and provide results at the close of each funded promotion
  • Educate consumers about mangos through display, POS materials, ads, website, newsletters and other vehicles
  • Facilitate mango training and inspire associates to handle, merchandise and promote mangos more effectively
  • Be aware of market forces, work with the industry through difficult supply periods and promote mangos in all seasons
  • Engage in effective, high-quality, creative promotions that connect with shoppers on multiple levels
"Many of our relationships with retailers have moved beyond just funded promotions. These retailers are our partners and they help support the mango industry year-round," said NMB Director of Marketing Megan McKenna. Based on the success of the Mango Retailer of the Year program in its first year, the NMB plans to continue it in 2013.

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