Priorities to Enhance Viability of New York's Small Farms


The Cornell Small Farms Program is very pleased to announce the release of the "2012 Recommendations for Strategic Investments in New York's Small Farms."  Download the full report and access supplemental materials at:

This colorful report details the top priorities for enhancing the viability of small farms in New York. The program thanks the 580 farmers, educators, and advocates around the state who participated in the initial online survey to rank emerging small farm opportunities. The program applauds the efforts of the 150 participants of the NY Small Farm Summit (February 2012), who worked together to identify specific actions for advancing these opportunities over the next five years. This report highlights the top eight priorities and provides concise justifications, suggested actions and relevant resources for each.

Recommendations in the report are intended for anyone interested in supporting the long-term viability of New York's small farm sector. This includes farmers, educators, researchers, policymakers, producer and nonprofit organizations, economic development planners, agricultural service providers, supporting businesses, community groups and local food advocates. The report can be used in any number of ways--to justify grant proposals, promote rural economic development, stimulate farmer discussion, influence policymakers or target investment to support the viability of small farms.

You are encouraged to share the report with your neighbors, community members and colleagues and take action where appropriate. Supplementary information, including the full ranked list of the 16 priorities, additional justifications and recommendations for each priority, videos from the NY Small Farms Summit, and survey results summarized by region, is available at

Questions about the report may be directed to Anu Rangarajan, the director of the Cornell Small Farms Program (, or the Small Farms Program office at 607-255-9227 or