Purfresh Announces New Director of Sales


Purfresh, Inc. has announced the appointment of Patricia Castaneda as the regional sales director, South America.

"South American growers are leading the market as high-quality suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables in the world," said Castaneda. "We are looking forward to helping them expand their global markets through our innovative supply chain technology, reducing food waste and extending the shelf life of the products with higher quality."

"Patricia's breadth of experience and management skills make her the ideal sales leader for Purfresh as the company continues its growth in South America," said Brian Westcott, CEO of Purfresh. "Patricia's appointment plays an important role in our ability to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for Purfresh services."

South America continues to be a key market for the Purfresh technology, protecting the quality of commodities such as grapes, berries, citrus, melons, tropical fruit, and stone fruit exported out of South America to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Purfresh is the only solution proven effective to minimize decay, control ripening, and enhance food safety without the use of chemicals, making it an ideal solution to protect decay-prone or ethylene-sensitive fruit for as short a period as a few days to more than 45 days on the water.

Castaneda brings 13 years of experience working in global companies such as Hapag Lloyd, CP Ships, and DHL Global Forwarding, where she gained expertise in the maritime freight industry and in the fruit and vegetable markets in Latin America.

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