Produce Safety Alliance to Host Teleconferences


The Produce Safety Alliance, in collaboration with the FDA, will be hosting a series of Q&A teleconferences to discuss specific sections of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Proposed Produce Safety Rule. This is a great opportunity for you to directly ask FDA staff questions. Dr. Jim Gorny, senior adviser for produce safety, and Dr. Erick Snellman, policy analyst, will be available to answer questions.

Each teleconference will have a different focus; please refer to the schedule below. Keep your questions for each Q&A session relevant to the topic. Though Gorny and Snellman may not be able to answer every question, they will be able to direct and review specific sections of the proposed rule to enhance your understanding of what is being proposed. If specific details are not available or addressed in the proposed rule or through this Q&A series, you are encouraged to write and submit a comment or question to the docket regarding issues that FDA should clarify or address in the final rule or in companion guidance documents. Comments must be submitted before May 16, 2013.

There are two ways to comment:
   1. Comment electronically at!docketDetail;D=FDA-2011-N-0921
   2. Written comments may be faxed to the FDA at 301-827-6870 or mailed to:
       Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305)
       Food and Drug Administration
       5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061
       Rockville, MD 20852

March 18, 2013       11 a.m.      Understanding Exemptions
March 25, 2013       11 a.m.      Agricultural Water
April 22, 2013          11 a.m.      Soil Amendments
April 25, 2013          11 a.m.      Domestic & Wild Animals
TBA                                           Growing, Harvesting, Packing & Holding Activities
TBA                                           Equipment, Tools, Buildings & Sanitation
TBA                                           Health, Hygiene & Training of Workers
TBA                                           Recordkeeping, Compliance & Enforcement

In addition, the links below will take you to other documents that may help clarify the proposed rule. It it recommended that you review this information before the teleconference.

Proposed Produce Safety Rule at a Glance:

Proposed Produce Rule Subpart Fact Sheets:

Call-In Information and Instructions
To participate in the teleconference, dial the toll-free number below five minutes prior to the presentation. No registration is required. All participants will be placed on mute upon entering the conference; however, the Q&A will be moderated by an operator who will provide instructions for how to ask questions using your telephone and individually unmute the lines of those who have questions. You should call five minutes before the start of the event so that all participants are available to receive instructions for the Q&A process at the beginning.

Dial toll-free: 866-906-9888
Enter passcode: 8140591

These numbers will remain the same for all scheduled Q&A sessions.

If you have any questions about this series, contact Gretchen Wall at 607-255-6806 or Visit the Produce Safety Alliance website at