DNE World Fruit Enjoying Strong Summer Citrus Program


"We expect our summer citrus season to wrap up in mid-November with South African Midknights and late mandarins," said Dan Schatz, general manager for DNE World Fruit LLC, headquartered in Fort Pierce, Fla. "In the meantime, we're in full swing with our other summer citrus programs." Schatz said that the company's clementines are available from June through August.

DNE's navel orange program runs from mid-June through October. Its South African navels are available from mid-June through September, while Chilean and Australian navels are available from July through October. DNE's navel oranges are available in cartons and in 3, 4 and 5-pound bags.

DNE's line of summer citrus also includes minneolas, which come from Australia and Peru from mid-July through September. Minneolas are available in 10-kilogram cartons and 2 and 3-pound bags. The company's blood orange program comes from Australia, and runs from September through early October. Blood oranges are available in 10-kilogram cartons.

He also noted that late-season mandarins will be available from early September through October. South African mandarins will begin in early September and run through October, while Chilean, Australian and Peruvian late mandarins will be available mid to late September through October.

DNE's summer citrus lemon programs run from late June through December. Chilean lemons run from the end of June through August, and its Mexican lemons run from July through December. The company's lemons are available in standard cartons and in 2, 3 and 5-pound bags.

"We also sell to wholesalers, retail brokers and food service operations," said Schatz. "Retailers look at summer imports as an incremental citrus category growth opportunity by extending it year-round. With such widely accepted items as clementines and navels, summer citrus has become a staple produce item and continues to grow each year."

Source: producenews.com