OEFFA Offers Webinars for Farmers and Consumers Concerned about Proposed Food Safety Rules


In January, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a set of proposed food safety rules for specialty crop growers and food processors. Since then, the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association and its partners have raised concerns about the impact the regulations could have on farmers and local food systems.

The FDA is accepting comments on the rules through November 15. It's essential for farmers, processors, and consumers to speak out to ensure that new regulations address the needs of sustainable farmers, while also protecting the safety of the nation's food.

To help farmers learn about the rules, OEFFA offered a webinar on September 23 featuring Ariane Lotti of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. She presented an overview of the proposed regulations, who would be regulated, and how the rules could impact Ohio's farmers and processors. To watch a recording of the webinar, or read more about the rules, go to http://policy.oeffa.org/foodsafety.

All farmers, processors and consumers are invited to attend a follow-up webinar set for Monday, October 28, at 6 p.m. OEFFA's Policy Coordinator MacKenzie Bailey will help members navigate the process of submitting comments to the FDA and provide suggested talking points. To register for the webinar, go to www.oeffa.org/q/fsw.

For more information, go to http://policy.oeffa.org/foodsafety or contact Bailey at 614-421-2022, ext. 208, or mackenzie@oeffa.org.