Lipman Launches Vegetable Consolidation Program


Purchasing vegetables just got easier, thanks to Lipman--North America's largest open-field tomato grower. The company recently launched a Vegetable Consolidation Program to streamline the farming and packing process. Under the new program, vegetables are packaged to customer specification at the first packinghouse, which reduces handling and the time from farm to table.
"It's always our goal to provide our customers with the freshest and highest-quality produce available . and this program enhances our ability to do that," said Marc Danner, general manager for Lipman's Vegetable Consolidation Program.
Although Lipman is primarily known for its tomatoes, the company also grows a variety of vegetables like peppers, eggplant, zucchini, squash and cucumbers.
"While we grow different vegetables on farms throughout North America, having one location that showcases all of our vegetables has been a great benefit--both to us and our customers," said Scott Rush, Lipman's Estero farm manager. "We're able to bring customers to one farm, and they're able to see, tour and taste everything we grow."
Once harvested, these vegetables travel to the packinghouse in Immokalee, Fla., under the new Consolidation Program.
"Streamlining our ability to pack these vegetables was the next logical step," added Danner.
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