New Exclusive Product Line for Berger in California


Berger is pleased to launch its new SM Series product line. The series takes its origin from Sun Land's garden products and is designed in California especially for the Californian market. With redwood as its main component, the SM Series offers a variety of products to answer the needs of growers.

California's growers can now benefit from Berger's expertise. With over 50 years of experience, excellence and evolution in the growing media industry, Berger is pleased to not only serve Sun Land's customers with high-quality and consistent products, but also offer them a complete team of experts to help them grow. Sun Land's products will now be known as Sun Land mixes - SM Series from Berger.

Recently released, the SM Series is divided into four independent categories: the SM Greenhouse, speci?cally designed for greenhouse crops such as potted plants, bedding plants, and hanging baskets; the SM Propagation, made of selected components with different particle sizes to ?t the speci?c needs of seedlings and cuttings; the SM Canning, primarily made of selected redwood, with the addition of other high-quality components to grow trees, shrubs, perennials or any crops requiring a heavier anchorage; and finally, the SM Specialties, which is offered for poinsettias, blueberries, mums, succulents and other specific crops. Those products are ideal to meet specific needs, whether it is for greenhouses, propagation, nurseries, specialty crops or custom blends. The company also provides a range of organic formulations.

Californian growers can rest assured they will receive the same unparalleled customer service and delivery that they have come to expect. It will be business as usual, with an added mix of innovation and higher production capacity.

To reach customer service, call 800-463-5582, or visit to learn more about Berger and the new Sun Land mixes - SM Series.