Sweety Finds Her Family


Green Frog Publishing is proud to announce the debut of "Sweety Finds Her Family," by up-and-coming author Katie Godfrey and illustrator Julia Gootzeit. "Sweety Finds Her Family" is a children's book about Sweety the sweet potato and her journey to learn about her biological family. Growing up with her adopted family, the Solanaceaes, Sweety realizes that she is different and sets out to learn why. The book is available at amazon.com, Nook Press, iTunes and www.katie-godfrey.com.

Godfrey's short stories have been featured in "Greenhorns:  50 Dispatches From the New Farmer's Movement," as well as other food and farming journals. Godfrey and Gootzeit met during an artist residency at the Wormfarm Institute in Wisconsin. "We worked on an organic farm as part of our artist residency program, which is what inspired us to create 'Sweety Finds her Family,'" explains Godfrey. "We wanted to create a book that would introduce kids to the idea that plants belong to families that share similar qualities."

"Sweety Finds Her Family" is already earning praise on Amazon for its fun, educational value. Vegetable farmer Laura Mortimore writes, "Educational, funny and absolutely sweet! So informative about what's growing in the garden. I love that the illustrations show all the stages of the vegetable--seed, cotyledon, vegetative plant and fruit. They are so well-done and full of joy that I feel like I made friends with all of the vegetables right along with Sweety!" The original storyboards for the book were featured in a traveling Smithsonian exhibit, "Key Ingredients: America by Food."

Founded in 2011, Green Frog Publishing is an independent publishing company in East Montpelier, Vt. For more information on purchasing "Sweety Finds Her Family" or other books by Green Frog Publishing, contact Kathy Bizzoco at 802-585-0927 or kathy@greenfrogpublishing.com, or visit Green Frog Publishing at www.greenfrogpublishing.com. Godfrey and Gootzeit can be reached through their respective websites at www.katie-godfrey.com and juliagootzeit.carbonmade.com.