Is it Time to Modify Your Sales Approach?

  It's become common practice for growers to sell directly to the public and receive a higher retail value for their product. Particularly for many small and midsize operations, retail sales via farmers markets, on-farm stands or community supported agriculture (CSA) shares are the primary, if not the only, market venue.
  Selling wholesale isn't always on the radar; common concerns include issues with volume, pricing, timely payment, packing, food safety certification, and storage and delivery. While these certainly warrant exploration, many small growers have found ... (Read More...)

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8/20/2014 - Another State Joins DriftWatch

FieldWatch, Inc., the nonprofit company created to develop and expand use of the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site Registry, is pleased to announce that New Mexico has been added as a member state and is now on the DriftWatch map. This brings the total ...More

8/19/2014 - Cranberry Industry Gets Creative to Drive Up Demand

Ads in 60 restaurants across the Midwest and billboards in western Wisconsin show the VanWychen family of Wetherby Cranberry Co. sporting hip boots with iconic Ronald McDonald in their cranberry marsh near Warrens. McDonald's contacted the VanWychens ...More

8/18/2014 - FarmTek Announces Fall CEA School

FarmTek will host a three-day workshop discussing techniques in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The CEA School will be held from October 22 to October 24, 2014, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST at FarmTek's Technology Center East in South Windsor, ...More

8/18/2014 - California Almond Growers Continue to Expand Their Acreage

Since July 1 of last year, California growers have added an estimated 48,000 acres of new almond orchards to the state's production base. Nonpareil accounted for nearly 39 percent of the almond trees growers bought during that time. Those are two ...More

8/17/2014 - CPS, PMA, WGA Partner to Produce Ag Water Report for Industry

To help the industry evaluate and consider several years' worth of scientific research findings, the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and Western Growers Association (WGA) have partnered with the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) to deliver a report ...More

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