5 Benefits Of Installing CCTV At Your Farm – 2024 Guide

Digitization and introduction of modern technologies in farming is not a matter of choice, but a necessity – especially if we want to be competitive. Today, farmers simply have to keep up with the modern time – and that includes digitalization as well as the use of modern technology. Although things like computers, modern gadgets, and even robots are used on modern farms today – you don’t have to have it all from the start. For starters, it is enough to have good monitoring. Therefore, we will point out some of the benefits of using CCTV on your farm in 2024.

Farms: Between Traditional And Modern Technology

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Although we usually consider agriculture and farming to be the most traditional – modern technologies managed to touch these spheres as well as the production area. Even though we may think that farming is not so attractive for the development and use of technological innovations – this claim proved to be quite the opposite. Farming happened to be ideal for the development and use of modern technologies. Today’s modern farms are sometimes equipped with the latest technological innovations. Many innovative solutions are available for farmers and are already in use. The aim is to provide small farms with affordable use of digital technology at affordable prices. This technology will enable farmers to maintain themselves in a globally competitive environment – but also to have a better insight into their business.

London “City” Farms

If you live in London, then you know how stressful life in the city can be. Fortunately, nearby London, you can find some true green oases. There are so-called city farms. These are places rich in greenery – so close and yet ‘so far’ from the hectic city life. On these small urban farms you can spend some of your free time to experience the beauty of rural life. Of course, in these places, you will see a lot of animals and be able to experience some of the farming activities. Since many of these farms are open to visitors or tourists – you can try yourself in some ‘rural’ jobs, or simply enjoy the fresh air walking through these green oases near the city. Since these are open type farms, you can already assume that they are technologically equipped.

By that, we primarily mean monitoring of the entire farm. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to see CCTV cameras all around. Modern technology has become inevitable in the countryside – not only because of the visitors but also because of the animals that live on the farm. Therefore, we will point out 5  benefits of using CCTV systems on farms.

1. Possibility Of Remote Video Surveillance

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Whether you are a farmer or planning to buy a farm property – it is quite certain that you cannot be in every place at the same time and control the situation. However, the advantage of video surveillance is that you won’t even have to. Namely, today in real-time you can control every part of your property – by using your tablet or smartphone. If you want to know how everything works, check this, and find out more about using and installing CCTV systems. One thing is for sure – CCTV will help make your farm a safer place for both you and your family – and the animals who live there. Then you will feel safer, and it will certainly bring you additional peace.

2. Theft Security

Farms are mostly places where cattle are kept, but also horses. We all know that these are expensive items in the life of every farmer. It is this fact that makes farms suitable for being targeted by criminals and smugglers. It is interesting to note that cattle theft has been on the rise in recent years. This, of course, applies not only to large animals but also to pets – especially to purebred dogs, which are often the target of theft. By investing and installing a CCTV system, you will be in a better position – because the existence of cameras will deter potential thieves and burglars.

3.  Animal Safety And Animal Health

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When you have a farm and raise animals on it, taking care of them is implied. This concern applies not only to their regular diet but also to their state of health. Farmers most often face this problem when it comes to reproduction, which often causes a high degree of stress. When you have an animal that is about to give birth – then you are constantly on the alert. In some animals, complications can occur during birth. That is why it is very good to have CCTV in the stables, from where you will have direct monitoring – and be able to come to the rescue or call a veterinarian if it proves necessary.

4.    Financial Efficiency

When we talk about financial efficiency, it has a lot to do with the health and safety of animals on the farm. Namely, animal mortality causes very high costs, regardless of whether it is an individual case or a disease that has attacked a large number of animals on your farm. By using the CCTV system, you will have a 24-hour insight into everything that happens in the barn or a stable where the animals are housed. When you notice any problem, you will be able to react on time. Keep in mind that the value of preserved animals usually exceeds the value of the installation of a CCTV system. Therefore, the financial calculation is clear to you.

5.    CCTV Helps Increasing Efficiency And Productivity On The Farm

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The very fact that you can follow everything that happens on the farm and inside the facilities – already speaks for itself. At all times you will have an insight into whether your animals have eaten, whether the water and feeding drive is working properly or not. If you have employees on the farm – you will know if they all work according to the rules set for breeding. Even in the case of major accidents that sometimes happen (such as fires) – you will be able to see some things and react in time. Not to mention intruders who can very often be caught on camera inside your property. So, when you add and subtract all these facts – you will realize that the overall productivity on the farm will increase.