Top 8 Best Ceiling Paint 2023 – Complete Buying Guide

You might not be aware of the fact that there is a difference between the type of paint that should be used on floors and walls versus the one for the ceiling. Many people use the same emulsion, but they experience issues with the application and adhesion. In fact, painting a ceiling is an arduous task and there is a possibility that you’ll end up with a splash of it into your face.

Best Choice
PRESTIGE Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, 1-Gallon, Satin, Comparable Match of Behr*...
Good Choice
Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, White, Flat,1 gal
Don't Miss
Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint (Flat White)
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Insulating Ceiling Paint - 1 Gallon
PRESTIGE Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, 1-Gallon, Satin, Comparable Match of Behr*...
Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, White, Flat,1 gal
Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint (Flat White)
Insulating Ceiling Paint - 1 Gallon
Best Choice
PRESTIGE Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, 1-Gallon, Satin, Comparable Match of Behr*...
PRESTIGE Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, 1-Gallon, Satin, Comparable Match of Behr*...
Good Choice
Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, White, Flat,1 gal
Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, White, Flat,1 gal
Don't Miss
Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint (Flat White)
Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint (Flat White)
Also Consider
Insulating Ceiling Paint - 1 Gallon
Insulating Ceiling Paint - 1 Gallon

Thus, you need an emulsion which is splatter resistant and can hide textures and curvature, such as water stains and sagging. However, ceiling paint comes in a wide range of formulations and finishes and there is a wealth of products to choose from. But how can you know which is the best product to choose?

Top Picks for 2023

To make things easier for you, we’ve tested a number of products and we’ve come up with the best one worth purchasing.

1. Benjamin Moore Ultra-Premium Waterborne

This ceiling emulsion comes from a trusted brand and is designed for the aesthetic. It comes with no VOCs and provides a super-flat finish without being toxic on the application and while drying. So, if you want an easy-on and great aesthetic interior option, you should definitely opt for the Benjamin Moore Ultra-Premium Waterborne product. What’s probably best about this emulsion is that it is possible to order custom colors which can suit everyone’s needs. The only setback we could notice is the inability to return a custom color if you experience any issues.

2. Rust-Oleum 253536 Metallic Accents

If you want a touch of elegance to your ceiling, you should definitely consider to Rust-Oleum 253536 Metallic Accents product. What’s best about this product is that it can be also used for both interior and exterior walls, as well as, furniture and doors. Its water-based formula comes with no odor but offers a metallic appearance due to the use of mica beads. It is available in 15 different shades and usually dries in only 30 minutes. You can use the 32 fl oz container to cover around 105 square feet. Thanks to the simple and straightforward application, you can clean the mess with warm soap and water.

3. Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions Insulating

Insulating Ceiling Paint

This flat ceiling product dries very fast while keeping the odor and toxicity low. The Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions Insulating product comes at a very affordable price only adding to the thermal regulation that keeps your power bill down in the winter. It is available in 1-5 gallon containers and provides minimal splatter and ability to clean it up easily with soap and water. It is a product aimed for interior ceiling surfaces as it dries with a matte, flat finish and provides thermal insulation. Besides being easily applied and cleaned, it isn’t extremely good for aesthetic purposes.

4. Glidden Latex

This product sports a splatter resistant material and provides a flawless white finish. It perfectly hides the surface imperfections and has a very low odor when applied and while drying. The Glidden Latex is available in a 3.785-gallon size, providing a high-quality product which you can rely on to cover flaws with just one coat. It usually dries in around one hour so you can easily achieve great coverage. Thus, this is the perfect model if you want to cover imperfections across your ceiling caused by leaks and cracks and give your ceiling a matte finish.

5. KILZ Color-Change Stain-Blocking Interior

This affordable and easy-to-apply product is a perfect one to choose if you need to hide any imperfection on your ceiling. Additionally, it also prevents new stains and has a self-priming feature. It might not be the best product for aesthetic oomph, insulation, and anti-glare treatments, but it is extremely affordable if you need mild to moderate stain-blocking power. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the KILZ Color-Change Stain-Blocking Interior might slightly change the color of your ceiling.

6. True Value Flat Latex

This is an extremely good product as purchasing it means you’re getting a whopping five-gallon bucket of matte-finish, non-splatter formula that promises efficient coverage in a long-lasting application. It is a latex product which provides exceptional and durable coverage and comes with a 15-year warranty. What’s probably best about this product is its low price, the ability to limit pollution, prevent VOC-related sickness, and allow fast drying. If you’re wondering whether it has some setbacks, you’ll be amazed to learn that it has no downsides we could notice.

7. Prestige Paints Interior

The Prestige Paints Interior is a primer and an emulsion product which is easy to clean and offers a pleasant aesthetics. The product comes with a small amount of VOC and a latex composition for duper-fast dry. Thus, it means that it reduces the effect the minimal VOC content. It is an eco-friendly option which is available for a very affordable price. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the coverage it offers is not superb and a single application might not meet your needs.

8. Leyland Trade Contract Matt

This is a high-quality emulsion which can be used for both ceilings and walls. It has a thick consistency which makes it extremely easy to apply with a roller or a brush. The Leyland Trade Contract Matt is available in two colors, traditional white and contemporary magnolia, which blend well with any interior design. One liter of the product can be used to cover up to 14m².

Additionally, this product perfectly covers all minor surface imperfections and can be used on previously painted or bare surfaces. You will get a 1-year manufacturer guarantee when you purchase this product. It sports a washable formula and is available in a convenient pack of 10 liters for up to 140m² of surface coverage. However, it takes a long time to dry, even about 4 hours depending on the temperature, and need a primer for great coverage.

Having a neat and aesthetically pleasing ceiling is as important as your floor. So, pick one of the products we’ve suggested and added that perfect look to your ceiling you’ve always dreamed of.


How to choose ceiling paint?

This answer depends on your taste. You should choose ceiling paint based on your walls and your furniture. You can paint your ceiling in the same color as your walls, but you can also go with the darker color. If you choose to use a darker color for your ceiling make sure to choose just two to three shades darker than the wall color. It will look much more sophisticated and cozier. Just note that darker colors will make the ceiling feel lower.

What is the best ceiling paint?

For a nice, clean and simple look white ceiling color is the best choice for your room. Painting the ceiling white makes the room more spacious and the walls higher. When you are going with white you have to pay attention to the undertones of white color. Select one with faintly yellow or blue undertones that coordinate with the rest of the room’s color palette.

Can I use ceiling paint on the wall?

The ceiling paint is designed to be used on the ceiling. Ceiling paint is created to cover all the edges and to hide all the imperfections. On the other side, the wall paint is much more thinner and you may need two or three coats to get to the desired look. That is actually why you need two different types of paint.

Can ceiling paint be toxic for health?

Even though that fumes from ceiling paints can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, they do not poison the body when used as directed. Most paints used inside the home are water-based and are very safe to use.

What finish is best for the ceiling?

Choosing the finish is up to you, yet a majority of people select the flat white color because it makes your room look brighter and it helps to reflect natural light around the room.

Should I prime the ceiling before painting?

Experts recommend that is a better option to prepare and prime your ceilings before painting. By preparation is meant to dust your ceiling, clean any area that may have grease, remove cracked or peeling paints, repair any damage, use a paintbrush to brush in the edges of the ceiling and then apply primer.

We also made a list of some other worth mentioning paints that you shouldn’t miss:

INSL-X Color-Changing Acrylic Ceiling Paint, White, 1 Gallon, 128 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Acrylic ceiling paint formulated with a disappearing pink color-change technology.
  • Easy to apply – helps prevent missed spots.
  • For smooth or textured ceilings.
  • Quick drying: recoat in as little as two hours.
  • Self-priming paint for ceilings.
Diamond Brite Paint 42300 1-Gallon Interior Latex Flat Acrylic Vinyl Ceiling White Paint
  • Washable and low odor
  • Covers over most colors
  • Splatter resistant
  • Colorfast finish
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed
Homax Decorative Roll On Wall Texture White, Smooth Finish, 2 gal, 256 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Ready to use, roll-on smooth wall and ceiling decorative finish
  • Use with different applicators to create a variety of unique texture patterns
  • Hides surface imperfections on interior walls and ceilings
  • Low odor, paintable, whistle
  • 2 gallon tub will cover up to 150 square feet
Valspar 1420 Color Changing Latex Ceiling Paint, 1-Gallon
  • Never miss an area again!
  • One coat coverage
  • Dries to a white, non-glare finish
  • Even finish to all ceiling surfaces, including acoustical tile
  • Low odor, low VOC
1 qt. White Eggshell Water Interior Paint
  • 1 qt. White Eggshell Water Interior Paint