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Insects Invade Broccoli and Cabbage – 2021 Prevention Guide

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Insects chew or suck their way onto vegetables and diminish their aesthetic value. This is a no-no for growers who rely on unblemished produce and market …


Insects and Apples – 2021 Guide

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Each year, insects continue to challenge apple growers in western North Carolina. Marvin Owings, Extension director of the Henderson County Center, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, …


The Buzz on Bees 2021

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Help native bees pollinate your crops As honeybee colonies continue to sicken and collapse, what can growers do to ensure crops are pollinated? Can other bee …


7 Pests That Can Ruin Your Garden 2021

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It certainly won’t surprise the majority of gardeners that insects surpass people several million times and over. While some insects can help some plants, gardeners are …

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Use Floating Row Cover to Protect Your Leeks, Onions or Garlic Against Leek Moth

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If you grow your own onions, leeks, and garlic, it is very likely that the Leek Moth causes you trouble and headache every year. All the …


Pest Control Phoenix, Arizona

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Arizona is a second home to me, and my yard is a garden paradise. We have fruit trees that are full of lemons, oranges, and limes …


Citrus Greening

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It’s the mother lode of all citrus diseases,” said Dr. MaryLou Polek, vice president of science and technology for the Citrus Research Board, California Department of …


Growing in an Oasis

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One of the sweetest fruits you may ever taste is grown in a desert valley about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, Calif. The Coachella Valley, …


Taking Care of TROUBLE

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When greenhouses are empty, there is an opportunity to thoroughly eliminate weeds to reduce problems for the next crop cycle. Weeds are a persistent problem, needing …


A Wide-Open Field for Growers

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Chestnuts not just for holidays anymore. When Americans think of chestnuts, it is usually in connection with the Christmas song Nat King Cole made famous. However, …


Two Grape Insects to Look Out For

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The grape phylloxera insect is one of the most destructive in many countries, according to entomologists at The Ohio State University. Its destruction is much like …


The Right Tool For The Problem

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Insect traps for sweet corn IPM Imagine the poor person who goes fishing with a wormon his hook and lands a whale. Worse might be thekid …