Different Types of Garden Stones and Why You Need Them – 2024 Guide

If you are thinking about remodeling your garden, then you surely know that there are many types of ornaments you can include. Creating your own personal oasis is not that difficult and expensive, even though it might seem otherwise. All you need is a bit of creativity. In the following article, we are going to talk about garden stones and introduce you to this type of decoration.

If you want to build a unique and appealing driveway, patio, or a path you should opt for either crushed gravel or decomposed granite. The former one consists of small rocks that blend in perfectly together meaning that it is extremely durable and will not move easily which is why it should be one of your first choices for driveways or paths. It comes in a variety of size and colors so you can use it to further improve the overall style of your house.

source: impactlandscaping.com

The latter was used in building first roadways in ancient cities in Europe and its purpose hasn’t changed a lot. This type of granite can endure both heat and cold which is why it is recommended if the weather changes drastically in your area. However, it is pretty difficult to handle and can also be quite expensive.

On the other hand, if you just want to decorate certain areas of the garden, consider the beach or river pebbles. They are similar to pea gravel but are larger in size. Not only can they constrain the moisture in the ground and prevent weed, but since they come in different shades of tan and grey and can be placed anywhere, they are great decorative items. Arrange them around flower beds to add the extra touch or along pathways. Furthermore, you can also go with large stones like boulders and rocks which you can place in the center of the area and add other ornaments around them. They are perfect for creating your own piece of art.

Did you know that you can use landscape stones to protect the flower beds from excess water? Pea gravel consists of small rocks that come in a variety of colors. Since they are tiny, they can easily be moved around the garden. Place them around the flowers inside pots because they are great for drainage. However, you should not use them for the foundation of patios or driveways because they are small and unstable. Instead, use them for decorative purposes.

Another type of garden stones that can protect your plants is slate chips. They are your best weapon in the battle against weed and they will also ensure that the soil stays moisturized which is very important for the plant’s growth. Still, they can be rather expensive, but if you want to learn more about their benefits, click here.

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To sum up, as you can see landscape stone can not only be used as ornaments but also come with many benefits. Besides providing a great drainage system, unlike wooden decorations, they will not decompose over time and require little to no maintenance. If you want to learn what else is available, you can research flagstone (limestone and sandstone), lava and rainbow rocks, and so on.