Drain Smart Discs Saves Time and Money for Gardeners

Drain Smart discs are a new product designed for the container-drainer market sector as an alternative to gravel, bark and packing peanuts; found to hinder rather than promote effective drainage. Drain Smart’s proprietary technology encourages healthier and stronger plants by eliminating long-term soil saturation that causes root rot. The packaging tray is designed to be used at point-of-purchase, on the container-drainer aisle or on the garden accessories fixture.

Drain Smart discs are composed of thick nylon mesh with a layer of geo-filter fabric fixed on one side. The disc is installed fabric side-up, and then the topsoil is installed on top of the fabric. The filter fabric is designed to retain the soil and allow water to pass through the mesh, into free space, and then out of the planter drain hole. As the soil is prevented from migrating downwards, the soil establishes a structure that continues to facilitate drainage hence promoting healthier, longer-lasting plants.Drain Smart discs come in two different sizes; 12 inch for larger pots and 6 inch for smaller pots. Consumers simply place the flexible disc in the pot. The discs can be custom cut, and then the pot is ready to be filled with soil and plant. The discs are reusable making them cost effective and are easy to store for the next season.

It eliminates staining and mess on patios & decks by preventing soil migrating through container holes. This makes Drain Smart good for urban, city, patio and deck gardeners predominantly located in larger towns and cities across North America. The prices are $19.95 for a 3 pack of 12 inch discs and $15.95 for a 5 pack of 6 inch discs.