Agriscaping Technologies announced they are in the final stages of developing their new garden planning application, “MyAgriscapePro”.

MyAgriscapePro is the next generation of garden-planning software that shows exactly what to plant, when to plant it, and how to care for it, custom-fit to where the user grows, all in a fun, easy-to-manage way. The user inputs their zip code, select the foods they’d like to eat and start growing.

To complete the final stages of development of MyAgriscapePro, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with rewards any gardener would love, including:

FLOWER POWER – Receive the NEW Agriscaping Edible Flower Guide as a digitally downloadable thank you as well as be recognized on our ROOTS WALL at Agriscaping Headquarters.

STARTER KIT – 3+ Packs of Heirloom Seeds from our Agriscaping Research Gardens along with VIP access to “The 3 Simple Steps to Agriscaping Success” video by founder Justin Rohner.

GET MyAgriscapePro – 12 Month ALL-Access Pass to the MyAgriscapePro Software and DIY video membership from any device with internet access.

DIY MASTERY PACK– 1x All Access Passes for MyAgriscapePro +PLUS, VIP access to the complete 36-skill Agriscaping Mastery Course including at least 12+ LIVE – online classes with Justin Rohner to learn every aspect of Agriscaping and how to apply it to your own yard.

EDUCATOR – Full Agriscaping Certified Educator (ACE) training to become a Certified Educator in your area and help lead the way to a greener, more sustainable future!

LANDSCAPE DESIGNER – Full Agriscaping Certified Designer (ACD) Training PLUS: 1x MASTER Account allowing you to create, link to, and access your own client accounts.