AutoProbe Technologies, LLC, Little Rock, AR, continues to grow its network of AutoProbeTM intensive sampling system providers and grower owners. Nelson Precision Ag Consulting & Technology (NPACT, LLC), Jackson, NE, announces purchase of the AutoProbe automated soil sampler. The NPACT sales and service territory includes northeast Nebraska, western Iowa, southeastern South Dakota and the northwestern tip of Minnesota.
“We’re committed to having the most accurate data to base input decisions as profitability depends on consistency and accuracy,” said Taylor Nelson, NPACT, LLC manager. “Traditional sampling methods lack the consistency and efficiency necessary to obtain reliable information. We’ve explored several options and we’re firmly convinced that the AutoProbe automated intensive soil sampler can do just that. Sample size is comprised of up to 40 cores; far greater than the industry standard. A larger sample size, along with the consistent angle, depth and GPS accuracy creates the most comprehensive sample currently possible.

“The AutoProbe is the most efficient soil sampling machine in the world today. It’s the perfect mix of speed and accuracy,” notes Nelson.