Dosatron International, Inc. has launched a new version of their website, which has a completely new look, new features and is now compatible with handheld devices.

“Updating the Dosatron website design, with the intention of making it easier to access products and making it mobile friendly, has been a goal over the past year,” explained Pam Temko, Dosatron CEO. “We believe that the redesign will be easier for our customers to navigate. We also added a See How It Works page which can be accessed directly from the home page banner for those who are not familiar with Dosatron. It provides an overview along with information on how to select the correct Dosatron for a specific application.”

One of the three main features of the website is the new chat option, which allows customers to have instant access to customer service representatives who can answer questions or help with maintenance.

The second feature is the ability for the website to work with mobile phones and tablets. When a customer is in the field and they have a support question, they can view the support page on the website without having to go back to the office.

The third feature is the video library, and the website provides service and maintenance videos under the Product pages for specific Dosatron injectors.