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Larson Electronics LLC Releases A New Bolt-on Solar Panel Kit
Larson Electronics LLC announced the release of a new solar panel kit to be added to its catalog of products this week. This bolt-on solar panel kit (SPL-1.59K-TMPK) can be bolted on trailers and other stable surfaces and can be tilted, rotated, extended or collapsed for maximum exposure to sunlight. The SPL-1.59K-TMPK solar panel kit is comprised of six, 265-watt polycrystalline solar panels, generating a total maximum output of 1,590 watts, and is mounted to a rotating axis assembly. The frame assembly is constructed of steel with an industrial-grade coating for added durability.

Bayer Altus™ Insecticide
Environmental Science announced that Altus™ insecticide will be available for purchase through authorized agents beginning May 1, 2017. Altus introduces a new insect management solution to greenhouse growers that controls major sucking pests while offering flexibility of applications before, during and after bloom. Altus insecticide features crop flexibility for use in greenhouses and nurseries on ornamental plants, compatibility with honey bees, bumble bees and beneficial anthropods, the EPA classified it as Reduced Risk product and there is no application timing restrictions.