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VoloAgri Acquires Zayintec Vegetable Seed Company in Spain
VoloAgri announced that it has acquired Almeria, a Spain-based plant breeding company, Zayintec (Zayin Technology S.L.).  The acquisition adds a large number of complimentary hybrid vegetable seed varieties to the global VoloAgri greenhouse and open field portfolios. Species include: pepper, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, squash, melon and watermelon.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients Receives National Award For Sustainability Innovation
Edison Universe awarded the 2017 Edison Award to Anuvia Plant Nutrients. This prestigious award recognizes the world’s best innovations and inventors. Anuvia was honored for its Organic MaTRX™ technology, which turns organic waste into highly efficient plant nutrients. Anuvia won the Bronze Award in the Sustainability category, which recognizes advancements that transform the world of commerce and foster energy conservation.

Valley Irrigation Promotes Andrew Carritt to Vice President of Product Development
Valley Irrigation announced the promotion of Andrew Carritt to vice president of product development. Carritt will lead the product development department, overseeing dealer experience, IT operations and product development. Carritt previously managed the creation and implementation of Valley BaseStation3™, and played a key role in the acquisition of AgSense®, a leading agricultural technology company. 

Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens Raises the Bar on Responsible Practices with Efficiency Upgrades and Expertise Provided by UI
A certified organic farm known for its herbs, vegetables and petite edible microgreens, Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens, located in Easton, Connecticut, believes in conservation, composting and recycling as responsible business practices. Keeping in line with those principles, Gilbertie’s recognized that making energy upgrades was important, particularly with aging oil furnaces that were difficult to maintain and lighting that was inefficient and old. United Illuminating, a subsidiary of AVANGRID Inc. (NYSE: AGR), identified financial incentives and opportunities through the Energize Connecticut initiative’s Small Business Energy Advantage program to make otherwise cost-prohibitive upgrades a reality for Gilbertie’s. Federal grant funding through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) was also leveraged. Between the two programs, incentive payments of $125,260 were provided to Gilbertie’s to help fund the energy efficient improvements. Twelve oil-fired furnaces were replaced with natural gas furnaces to provide a clean, dependable and energy efficient heating solution to help keep greenhouse temperatures constant. Efficiency measures to update lighting not only improve employees’ ability to see details, they also help increase growth on the farm, which means more product for customers.

BioSafe Systems Introduces PerCarb Broad-Spectrum Bactericide / Fungicide
BioSafe Systems announced PerCarb (Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate), an alternative to potassium bicarbonate and lime sulfur products for use in agriculture. PerCarb is an EPA-registered, 0-hour REI, broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide designed to treat and control plant pathogens that cause major foliar diseases on field-grown crops, tree crops, vine crops, berries, small fruits, vegetable crops and greenhouse fruits and vegetables.

Disease Resistance for Spring Crops Using GO Isolates
BioFlora is offering GO Isolates to assist farmers in managing disease that will increase their yields by out-completing or decreasing a pathogen’s strength and building an active microbial community. GO Isolates are an organic acid product fortified with two strains of microorganisms from the Bacillus family. The liquid soil microbial inoculant is most effective against soil-borne plant pathogens by out-competing pathogens for nutrients and/or space. GO Isolates can also produce natural occurring compounds that protect crops from infection by fungal or bacterial pathogens.