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CoolBot DIY Walk-in Cooler
CoolBot is a “micro-controller” that allows any air conditioner to transform a room into a walk-in cooler. Results vary depending on the outside environment, the size of the insulated room and the size of the air conditioning unit, but an 18,000 BTU window A/C unit keeps produce in a 7-foot-by-12-foot insulated room at 38 degrees during the summer.

Rock River Laboratory Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Rock River Laboratory celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. In 1976, founder Don Meyer, his wife Karen, and his parents, Bill and Marge Meyer, set out with a goal to fulfill an agriculture industry need for quality, accurate analysis of soil. 

Dramm Ferticart

Dramm Ferticart

Dramm Introduces 50-Gallon Aerating Fertilizer Injector Cart
Dramm introduced a 50-gallon Ferticart with on-board agitation and aeration. 
The FC50-A works with either the Dosatron 20 or 40 gallon per minute injectors to provide an agitated or aerated stock solution. Users are able to use it with fungicides, plant growth regulators and other agro-chemicals. The Ferticart will keep them all in suspension using a agitation bar and 4-gallon per minute recirculation.

Rootmaker 2-Gallon Injection Molded Container
Rootmaker announced the addition of a 2-gallon injection molded container to accompany the product line. Rootmaker claims the containers exhibit efficiency for root pruning without excessive water loss or exposure to salts.

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