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New Guidance Available for Review of Developmental Neurotoxicity Studies
EPA and Health Canada have developed new guidance for interpreting developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) data in support of a pesticide registration. This guidance will help scientists in the EPA and Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) evaluate these studies more consistently. The Developmental Neurotoxicity study assesses behavioral and neurobiological parameters to ascertain the effects of chemicals on the developing animal. The basic purpose of DNT guideline testing is to screen for the potential of chemicals to cause adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes.

Shur-Co Releases GustBuster Tarp Cords
Shur-Co has released the new GustBuster Tarp Cords that attach permanently to the trailers to hold down tarp in moderate wind. The cords are made of polyester material and the stretch membrane is integrated throughout the webbing, which prevents bunching up of the material to one side of the trailer. The GustBuster has two mounting options to accommodate 96” and 102”-wide trailers.