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Listeria Outbreak Linked to Frozen Vegetables
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating a Listeria breakout that is linked to frozen vegetables. According to a CDC reports that eight people have been infected in three states: California, Maryland and Washington.

Yara President Announces Scholarships in Florida, California
Yara North America has announced a scholarship initiative for the United States totaling $160,000 over the next five years.  Through University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, Yara North America, Inc. will offer the Crop Innovation Scholarship. Yara will provide $20,000 for each of the next five years for development of solutions to reduce the effects of citrus diseases, such as greening, and for the introduction of new crop varieties.

SLANTRANGE New Product Line to Advance Precision Agriculture
SLANTRANGE announced the launch of a new product line that will allow growers and agronomists to obtain and process data faster. The two new sensors, SL2i and SL2p, as well as a new version of SLANTVIEW, have four patents pending and will improve the resolution, data collection rate, and processing efficiency.