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NNY Corn Yield Potential Research Update: Strengthening Future Crop Production
Data from the 2017 fall corn harvest in Northern New York will help Cornell University researchers re-evaluate a corn yield potential database used by farmers and crop advisers to determine the nitrogen needed via fertilizer or manure application to achieve an optimal corn crop under most conditions in the region. The Re-Evaluating Yield Potentials of Corn Grain and Silage in Northern New York project is funded by the farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program to learn how advances in corn breeding and production practices are impacting crop yields and if the associated nitrogen application guidelines need updating.

EnP Appoints Jim Miller as Business Development Manager
Illinois-based specialty fertilizer manufacturer, EnP, announced the addition of Jim Miller as business development manager. Miller brings decades of industry experience in product development, promotion, sales, and distribution. He was previously a sales manager for Aqua Aid, Inc. and worked in product development on Verde-Cal enhanced calcium products.