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EDT Corp Introduces Metal Detectable PolyRound Bearings
image003EDT Corp has introduced metal detectable PolyRound bearings. They are polymer plane bearings that directly interchange with mounted bearings and are made of EDT’s ‘ON’ metal detectable, x-ray detectable and optically detectable blue polymer. They are beneficial in applications directly over or near food product zones. EDT’s metal detectable Poly-Round bearings are available in shaft sizes from 1/2” to 1-7/16”, in all styles of machined- or cast- stainless housings.

Orchex 796 Orchard Spray Oil Receives OMRI Listed Seal
Calumet Lubricants Co, Limited Partnership has announced that its Orchex 796 Orchard Spray Oil is now an OMRI Listed product. The listing entitles Orchex 796 to feature the OMRI Listed Seal, identifying the product as having passed OMRI’s technical review and as compliant with organic standards.