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Northern NY Research Tests Corn-Rye Double Cropping Yield, Conservation Opportunities
Harvested cornfields may look barren, but in some a winter-hardy crop is already growing. The results of field trial research funded by the farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program evaluating the opportunity to grow a winter rye planted in Northern NY cornfields are posted. W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute is leading the double cropping research. A second of trials assessed the yield and quality of the two crops grown on the same acreage and the opportunity for conservation benefits. Overwintering forage crops such as winter rye, also known as cereal rye, germinate at cooler temperatures and are hardy against Northern New York cold and snow.

Cooper-Atkins’ EnviroTrak pH Monitor
Cooper-Atkins is adding a pH monitor as part of its offering of EnviroTrak® environmental monitoring solutions. pH neutralization plays a critical role in the wastewater treatment process and in many processing stages in the food industry to prevent over acidification. This unit is a fully-featured pH monitoring device with a 900 MHz transmitter and an electrode for inline or submersion installation. It has a large LCD display and has versatile mounting options for wall, panel, DIN rail or pipe mount. An optional NEMA enclosure (#10110) for the analog transmitter is available.