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NNYADP Apple Pest Research Equipping Growers for Quality Harvest
Technical assistance and outreach funded by the farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program is informing commercial apple growers in the northeastern region of New York State to effectively manage key orchard pests.  Cornell Cooperative Extension educators with the Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program received funding to help apple growers identify apple pests and learn their life cycles. The educators also provided assistance with pest scouting and trapping and education on integrated pest management (IPM) that uses computerized modeling to guide orchard treatments when pest pressure reaches economic damage thresholds. When pest counts are low, growers save time, labor and money by eliminating orchard treatments

Hurricane Irma to Potentially Impact Florida Citrus and Sugarcane
Hurricane Irma, currently in the eastern Caribbean, has become one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes in history. The storm is forecast to pass just north of Puerto Rico tonight, and be just north of Cuba by Saturday. Most forecast models then show the storm making a turn to the north and passing either right over the center, or just off the east coast, of Florida. Ether of these tracks would result in some damage to Florida crops, especially citrus and sugarcane.