Lystek’s Organic Materials Recovery Centre (OMRC) in Dundalk, ON delivered on its promise of economic and environmental benefits for the community of Southgate.

This was demonstrated by the delegation and presentation of a community status update by Lystek President, Rick Mosher to Mayor Ann-Marie Fosbrooke and council at the Township’s March 4, 2015 council meeting. During the delegation, Mr. Mosher provided the following recap of his company’s contributions to the community, to date;

• Presented Southgate Mayor Anne-Marie Fosbrooke a revenue-share cheque for over $20,000 based on market sales of the biosolids-based, LysteGro fertilizer product in 2014.
• Between the taxes paid and its unique, revenue-sharing agreement with the Township, Lystek is now the largest, single, commercial tax and revenue contributor to the community.
• Invested over $10 million dollars in the local economy during initial construction.
• Total investment in lands and development charges (to date) are over $750,000.
• Continues to invest locally in a wide variety of good and services related to daily operations.
• Continues to support numerous community causes, local sports teams and events including the Gorman Barn Fire Fund, Dundalk Fall Fair, Holstein Rodeo, Grey Bruce Farmers Week, Dundalk and District Christmas Cheer, a Wheelchair Athlete & over a dozen others.
• In 2104, the plant safely diverted over 75,000 cubic meters (16.5 million imperial gallons) of organic material and converted into the federally registered, LysteGro biofertilizer product.
• To date, over 94,000 cubic meters (or 20 million imperial gallons) of LysteGro has been sold and applied to approximately 8,000 acres of farm land to an eager and building client base.
• In 2014, third-party crop studies and trials demonstrated the value and performance of the fertilizer product and its ability to help offset grower costs and replenish soil health.

“From the outset, we knew the impact would be positive, significant and real. It is extremely rewarding to look back today to see how quickly that has occurred,” said Kevin Litwiller, Director of Business Development for Lystek.