The Dramm Corporation, a family-owned manufacturer of watering tools, is in the national spotlight for making an eye-catching product.

“Our Grandfather, John G. Dramm, a florist by trade, invented the Water Breaker in the early 1940s to provide an efficient and even flow of water for flower growers,” said Hans Dramm, third generation owner of the Dramm Corporation. “This was the beginning of the Dramm Corporation and the foundation of the beautiful Rain Wands™ you will see highlighted in our Home Factory segment.”

Dramm’s Rain Wands allow the user to apply large quantities of water quickly to the plant base, where it soaks deep into the soil. The 30” ColorMark Rain Wand is equipped with a shut-off valve to reduce overall water consumption.

The Home Factory production crew shot a segment showing the process of making the 30” ColorMark Rain Wand from start to finish.

“It’s going to be a very fun and educational feature. Viewers will see how we handcraft the 400 AL Water Breaker, how the color is added to the Rain Wands, the components that go into each wand we make, as well as the extensive testing we do to insure they are durable,” said Dramm.

The Dramm Corporation is honored to be in the spotlight and enjoyed Home Factory’s visit. “The Canadian-based crew from Home Factory was great fun to work with and very professional to boot,” said Heidi Dramm Becker, third generation owner.

The segment will air on FYI Network’s Home Factory* premiering on July 25, at 9:30 pm CST.