Vivid Life Sciences has acquired the rights to all Agrichem technology and products in the United States and Canada. The Australian manufacturer, Agrichem, is a pioneer in liquid nutrition innovations and produces a vast range of specialty liquid fertilizers, plant health formulas and adjuvants.

Through the acquisition, Vivid Life Sciences will sell nutritional seed treatment and phosphite products previously sold in the United States by Agrichem. Key products now sold by Vivid Life Sciences include Agri-Fos® brand phosphite products and Nutriseed® brand nutritional seed treatment products.

“Agrichem is a global leader in plant health products,” said Josh Krenz, CEO of Vivid Life Sciences. “Vivid Life Sciences is uniquely positioned to build lasting relationships with key distributors to further enhance the availability of these technologies to American and Canadian farmers.”

As part of their agreement, Agrichem and Vivid will also partner long term to create a joint technology research and development program, spanning the world and including row and specialty crops.

“The quality of the Agrichem portfolio of products is a testament to the research and innovation that goes into their development,” said Krenz. “We are proud at Vivid Life Sciences to work with them to continue that vision worldwide.”