BRANDT, a manufacturer of agricultural specialty products, has added Zonix biofungicide to its expanding line of organic and sustainable products.

Zonix is a contact fungicide that helps prevent and control oomycyte pathogenic diseases such as downy mildew, late blight, root rots, phytophthora and pythium diseases on food crops; as well as turf and ornamentals. Zonix is OMRI listed, EPA registered and labeled for use on a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops, citrus, herbs, turf and ornamentals.

“We are thrilled to have Zonix, which is a rhamnolipid technology, in our portfolio,” said Randy Dodds, BRANDT Organics Product Manager “It is environmentally friendly, safe for use on food crops, will not build up resistance and is exempt from EPA residue limits. This provides a lot of value for our customers and will be an excellent addition to integrated pest management programs.”

Zonix is manufactured by Proptera LLC. BRANDT will market and distribute Zonix to ag retailers throughout the U.S.