Green-Tek and Hydro Systems announced the return of the Advantage 30 – 2.5% modelAdvantage30.

“We listened to the growers, and they made it clear they wanted to see their old friend back,” said Paul Jacobson, President of Green-Tek.

The original Advantage units were a mainstay in the industry for over 15 years. Dosmatic Inc. replaced them with the SuperDos line in 2007. Many growers preferred the simpler construction and repair of the Advantage units. Green-Tek listened; as did Hydro Systems Inc., which acquired Dosmatic in 2011.

The re-introduction of the Classic Advantage model caps a successful first year of sales and marketing cooperation between Green-Tek and Hydro Systems.

“We are grateful to our friends at Hydro for the hard work and effort that was required to tool up for this market favorite,” Jacobson added.