Growers Supply has announced a new brand identity for its hydroponic, aquaponic, & aeroponic growing product line called HydroCycle.

The HydroCycle line of products will include aquaponic systems, float stations, dutch bucket systems, NFT channels, vertical lettuce and herb systems, microgreen grow tables and additional hydroponic solutions.

Growers Supply will remain a trusted foundation, but HydroCycle will improve the customer experience by eliminating any confusion. This new brand identity will make it easier for customers to find products and understand how they’re used through a cohesive visual presentation and more focused catalogues and websites.

“Growers Supply’s system designs have always been amongst the industries best, and it was time to convey our message in an easy to identify logo and name” said Jim Kenney, Product Manager for Growers Supply. “HydroCycle with its clean, water and leaf design will certainly help in branding our products and positioning our products as the industry leader for years to come.”