pHReducerGrowth Products announced that pH Reducer has been certified as a Registered Material for Use in Organic Agriculture by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). It is now included on the Brand Name Material List of products that the WSDA has determined complies with The National Organic Standards [7 CFR Part 205].

pH Reducer is a 100% Organic Critic Acid Solution designed for use on all vegetable, herb, field and permanent crops. A safe alternative to corrosive acids, it lowers the pH of soilless media and water, and can act as a buffer in the mixing tank. pH Reducer contains a natural wetting agent, which allows citric acid to penetrate the soil quickly.

Available in 2 x 2.5 gallon case, 30 and 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes, pH Reducer requires no agitation and will not settle out of solution. With an acidic pH of 1.5, pH Reducer is compatible with most technical materials including fungicides and insecticides.