OxCart™ utility dump carts are designed to hold, move, lift and dump heavy loads. OxCart carts can handle loads up to 1,100 pounds — thanks to an exclusive hydraulic lift assist, a heavy-duty tub, and all-square tube steel construction.

With a tub capacity of 12 cubic feet, OxCart dump carts have been dynamically load tested to 1,100 pounds by an independent certified lab.

The design of the hydraulic-assisted tub lift on the carts is designed to help make loads feel up to 90 percent lighter. For example, a 500-pound load will lift with ease and only feel like 45 pounds when the operator tilts the tub during unloading. OxCart carts also feature a rear offset dump pivot design, which gives the operator more control when directing where to unload material. The tub rotates 55-degrees to either side of the frame.

OxCart products have a mechanical advantage over other products on the market today when tested by an independent certified lab. According to the labs’ report, “Moving the dump pivot point to the rear creates a mechanical advantage. And with an added gas-assist piston in the tub mechanics, the dumping operation requires less force to life the tub into the dumping position.”

A heavy-duty polymer tub and all-square steel construction enhance the high load capacity of OxCart carts.