Syngenta announced that the trade name for its newest fungicide, containing the active ingredient (a.i.) oxathiapiprolin, is Orondis.

Orondis fungicide will offer U.S. growers control of economically important soil and foliar diseases caused by Oomycete fungi in vegetables, potatoes and tobacco.

Orondis features:

•A new mode of action (FRAC Group U15) with no known cross-resistance to other products

•Systemic, translaminar movement and redistribution to protect developing leaves

•Preventive fungicidal activity

•Rain fastness within 30 minutes of application

•Flexible application methods and tank mix compatibility

•Efficacy at low a.i. rates and demonstrated crop safety

•The ability to act as a foundation fungicide in integrated pest management (IPM) programs

“Orondis brings a paradigm shift in Oomycete disease control with 10 to 100 times lower a.i. rate and consistent efficacy,” said Paul Kuhn, fungicide technical product lead, Syngenta.